From Scruffy to Fluffy: Grooming Services

Whether you are just looking to tidy up or you want a whole new look, Diamond Dogs has you covered. Our fully certified groomers use only the finest products and techniques to give your friend the rockstar treatment they deserve. Book online today!

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From Head to Paw: Nails & Ear Care

We understand the importance of regular nail and ear cleaning for your furry friend's overall health and well-being. Regular maintenance and upkeep by a professional will reduce the risk of infection and discomfort. Trust us to provide top-notch nail and ear cleaning services that will leave your pup feeling clean, happy, and healthy. Contact us to book.

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  • Nails & Paw Care

    • Nail trim- $15
    • Nail grind - $19
    • Paw care Package- $35

    (Includes nail trim or grind, paw balm and paw cleaning.)

  • Ear Care

    • Ear cleaning - $10
  • Fluff Care

    • Small dog brush + bath - $45
    • Medium dog brush + bath - $55
    • Large dog brush + bath - priced upon consultation

Cat Grooming

Cats are wildly independent, and we love them for that. But, it's still a good idea to have your cat professionally groomed from time to time to make sure they are ready for their close-up. Your feline friend may want a hand with spring cleaning, but don't worry - we can help. We offer professional brush-outs, baths, sanitary nail trims, and baths with high-end luxury moisturizing treatments so your kitty can have the Diamond Dogs Spa experience.

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  • Short Hair Cats

    • Bath and Brush Out: $95
    • Brush Out Only (no bath:) $65

  • Medium to Long Hair Cats

    • Bath and Brush Out: $110
    • Brush Out Only (no bath:) $85

  • Nail & Paw Care

    • Nail trims: $15-25
    • Priced upon consultation.
    Call or text to book an appointment. 

Doggy Daycare

We give your dog a fun place to hang out while you're at work or away.

Busy pet owners know how important it is to make sure their furry friend is well taken care of. That's where our doggy daycare comes in! Our team of trained professionals offers a safe and stimulating environment for dogs of all breeds and sizes. With spacious play areas, a ball pit, cozy nap spaces, and plenty of toys and activities, your dog is sure to have a tail-wagging good time.

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  • Daycare: including playtime and bathroom breaks

    • Hourly $15.00
    • Half day (2-5 hours) $23
    • Full day (5-10 hours) - $34
  • Dog Walking

    • 30 min - $15
    • 60 min - $28
    • Indoor treadmill 20 min - $18
  • Dog Boarding

Million Dollar Smile: No-Sedation Tooth Cleaning

Say goodbye to the stress and risks associated with anesthesia during your pet's tooth cleaning!

We use the latest technology and techniques to ensure your pet receives a thorough and pain-free cleaning without the need for sedation.

Our team of experienced and gentle dental professionals will take great care to clean your pet's teeth and gums, removing tartar and plaque build-up and preventing the onset of periodontal disease.

Book your appointment with us by leaving a deposit for your consultation.

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  • -Sarah

    "So happy I found this place! Centrally located and has great rates. Most importantly, they truly love dogs and it shows. Calvin did such a great job grooming Smokey and he loved it there. Will be back for sure. Highly recommend!"

  • -Keyhan

    "I use Diamond Dogs dog grooming services regularly. The environment is clean, new, fun and the staff are really friendly. Coco loves it. It's a quick drive for me from Kitsilano on my way to work. I park behind the building for easy pickup and drop-off and don't have to worry about the construction on Broadway. I highly recommend Diamond dogs Daycare to anyone looking for an awesome place for their dog in Vancouver."

  • -Laurence

    "Second time here! The lady owner is very respectful and knowledgeable about the double coat. My dog is always happy when I pick her up and she looks dashing."

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